Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Sensual Revolution 2 - Rose is here!

Well hello all my lovely readers and how are you all today? Me I am very excited (a little nervous) but mostly thrilled.

The second book in my erotic fiction book series The Sensual Revolution is here and live all over the world.

Unlike the first book which was really and introduction, this one is a full length erotic novel, combining humor with passion, feelings and thoughts and above all else lots and lots of lovely sex! 90000 words unlike the first one which was only 30000, this one is the full length novel about Rose, mentioned in a short story in the first book.

Rose is currently bedbound after suffering a nasty car accident. The pain, boredom and frustration she feels has her escaping mentally into her sexual past to find release in the present.

This story is definitely erotic, if it was a film you would have to go to a special shop and look on the top shelf for it! People that have read it, proof read it etc all say it is brilliant and amazing and that they love it. Of course as these are my family and friends they may be a little biased, although I doubt my editor in chief is, she knows that the book needs to be perfect to sell and is usually cyper critical. Reading through this though, she laughs in all the right places, reads bit out that she loves and keeps saying, "Its brilliant, I just love this book!"

So fingers crossed the rest of the world will agree!

I have already started the first chapter of the next book entitled Lisa but over the course of the last year I have learned a valuable lesson. I am never again posting the launch date of a book until it is finished and ready to publish! I was still working on this one on Thursday evening and I had to publish it then to make sure that every amazon store had it ready by this morning. Even so, Japan doesn't have it yet, I figure that this is because their time zone is so different from ours here in the UK.

I was sincerely thrilled and flattered by the number of likes The Sensual Revolution page has already and amazed by the number of people that not only signed up for the event, but invited their friends to sign up as well!

For today, I am sitting by my laptop, knitting things to put on my Etsy shop and maybe making a couple of mosaic glass candle holders for there as well. Having a little break from writing to get the Etsy shop, and the Facebook page for Chalice of Jends sorted out ready for the pre-Christmas sales. It seems mad to be doing that in August, but as a retailers point of view, if you don't then you don't sell anything either.

Also spending some time doing the stocktake of the eBay stuff and getting that shop up and ready to go (won't post a link to it just yet as the shop isn't open at the moment, watch this space for when it is!)
as well for the same reason.

I know I can write about 3000 words in a couple of hours, so from next week I am going to try to do two hours writing every week day and spend the rest of each day and the weekends sorting out the other parts of my ever expanding business empire! Wow that sounds impressive!

In and amongst that of course will be the requisite looking after the family and housework etc!

So its a great day here at The Sensual Revolution and Chalice of Jends headquarters, the sun is shining, the books are available all over the world and Jess is just recording the video of Rose and Josh's house on the Sims 3 ready to pop them up on YouTube! Tonight we announce the competition winner and tomorrow the new competition will be launched.

It's all happening and I have so many blessings to count it is unbelievable!

Bright Blessings to you all and I hope you like reading Rose as much as I liked writing her story.

Kayler xxx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Grey Weather Blues

A bit of a contradiction in terms you think? Is the weather grey or blue? Well frankly grey right now, but to be honest I am not as bothered as usual. I have been having a staycation with my lovely fiance while the children are away with their respective fathers and it has been magnificent. Each morning I get up before him and head downstairs for coffee and networking and suchlike. Each morning I am astounded at the new amount of likers on the Facebook page!

I started an event for the launch of the first full novel in the Sensual Revolution series - Rose. Already 150+ people have signed up. It's so exciting, I just hope the book sells now as well!

So far, most of the response I have had for The Sensual Revolution has been very positive, people think it is a good idea and a thrilling read. The amount of cold showers people are reporting to me is amazing! I have been invited to become an author on Goodreads which is nice, will be looking into that today. It's all so exciting, I keep having to read back over the book, you know to check spelling and grammer and suchlike and even I love reading it!

In futher news myself and my trusty assistant and beloved daughter are thinking about starting a kindle publishing company, where we publish our own books but also help others to publish theirs. Jends Publishing, has a nice sound to it! I am not sure if you need a licence or anything though to be an advertising company so we will have to do a bit of research. Would be nice though even if we can just help a few people be successful with their e-books!

Further developements in the world of craft. Our Etsy shop has been updated and revamped and now has a lot of items on there which are proving popular. With over 100 items on and more being added each week have a little look you may be surprised at what we have on offer!

Chalice Of Jends Etsy Shop

With our longterm plan of eventually owning a smallholding in the Netherlands and helping teenagers, I have decided to learn some new crafts, ones that are fun but may be useful in our bid for self sufficiency. This year I have commited to learning weaving, pottery and mosaics. I bought all the things for the mosaics, even went and did a long beachcombing session with the other half. To my delight he has decided to also join in and start making things with mosaics that we can sell on the shop, so watch this space!

I am investing in a book about making kilns at home later in the year and starting to learn how to make pottery. I am going to get a small children's wheel to start off with and then see how I got on with that before investing in a considerably more expensive proper one! It's all very exciting though and I feel great about learning new things and making things that are either useful or pretty. I am working on a coaster for my son, who is a massive minecraft fan. So I am creating a creeper for him in greens and blacks. I hope he likes it.

So can anyone recommend any other crafts that may be useful on a small holding. I am learning cheesemaking and candlemaking and want to look at soap making as well. Next year my big plan is to invest in a spinning wheel and some fleeces and learn to spin wool which will also be a good skill for a small holder. We are also learning how to smoke and dry meat and cheese and suchlike. Its a busy time but also a really thrilling one.

It seems that if you put your mind to it, even grey days can be full of colour!

I have been a little disappointed by the response for the competition this time, but I keep telling myself that people need to get used to the whole concept for a start. I have a winner for the August competition already unless anyone else enters so that is an okay start. Once I announce that and people can see the reaction I am hoping that more people will enter the September/October one! I also have to think of an awesome prize for November/December as that is the period of time when the book competition does not run!

For now though, I am working on Rose, working on networking and about to go upstairs and finish designing the Sims house to get the first one onto YouTube. Its a lovely job when you can write about passion and then play games to promote your writing, sometimes I feel I must be the luckiest girl in the world!

Last but not least, myself and my good friend Paige Lowry have designed and created the new logo that will represent The Sensual Revolution in the future. I am looking to make both the name The Sensual Revolution and the logo protected by international copyrite law in the future but it is a bit expensive so will have to wait and see how things go. So here it is, The Sensual Revolution Logo!

Here's hoping you have a happy and passionate weekend!

Kayler xxx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Competition Thoughts!

Here at The Sensual Revolution we are thrilled to be able to start the bi-monthly competition. Many of you will have been brought here from the link on my Facebook Page, but none the less I thought I had better explain a little about what it would mean to win!

We will be offering 5 of these competitions a year omitting Christmas as we have other ideas for that! So competitions will run July/August, September/October, January/February, March/April, May/June. At the end of each year I am hoping to publish a book on Amazon of the winners stories and a short story of my own. This will be a branch off series of The Sensual Revolution called Sensual Revolutionaries. Each of the five winners will have a chance to have their story published in this book. As they will also be awarded the whole copyright to this piece of work they will then also receive 1/6th of the revenues of the royalties made by people buying the book. The full royalties are 70% of the sale price and these payments will be made on a monthly basis after the book has been earning royalties for two months according to Amazon's policy.

I have also heard of a publishing site that will publish individual copies of your book, so everyone will receive a paperback copy of the book with their story in, signed with a personal message from me Kayler Holmes.

There is an entry form you can access from the Competition Page of this site and it has a number of fields to complete. You need to first follow the site with your Google Profile, this will let us know you are a genuine person. Second you need to answer two questions from the book The Sensual Revolution to show that you have joined the Revolution! I then need people to give me the bare bones of a story that they would feature in. This could look like this:

I am Renee Amour and I am 35 years of age. I have three children and a partner that I adore. I am (...)ft high and of a medium build. I am a bit introverted but I love to have fun, but my sensual adventures only happen now with my partner.  I really enjoyed the whole recreational scolding experience, I love to be restrained and then punished and about 10 years ago I had the chance to explore this side of my personality. It was just me and (other person's name - preferably an alias) but it has to have been one of the best experiences of my life. I was restrained on his bed, he was scolding me and I loved it. The other person was (male/female), (...) tall and really muscular. He/she had white blond, bright blue eyes and a scar down his shoulder.The thing was it was such an unusual experience, I was a lot more timid then and I thought I was very unattractive so it was such a surprise when this gorgeous hunk of a man came and sat next to me in the nightclub and not only started chatting but continued in the face of my shy terror! 

You can include as much detail and information as long as it includes rough descriptions of the people involved and the type of experience you had or dream of. It must be no more than 500 words please. I will then turn the information you have given me into a sexy story of about 5000 words. When that is done I will email you the story which will include the copyright for the story.

If you have ticked the box to allow your story to be featured in the Annual Sensual Revolutionaries Compilation, your story will be published on the 31st of August 2014. 

The print copies will be then ordered and dispatched to you as soon as they are ready! 

The way Amazon works with the royalty scheme on KDP Direct is that the e-books you sell on there generate a fixed amount of money (although you can offer free promotions). The publisher sets the price of the book and then Amazon add the appropriate tax for the country the book will be available in. The author/authors of the book receive 70% of the book while Amazon keep the remaining 30%. So if the book goes onto at $2.99 for every book sold each author in the book will get $2.99 X 70% = $2.093. This amount is then divided by 6 meaning that each author (myself included) get $0.3488.

Now when you put it like that roughly $0.35 or £0.35 doesn't seem a lot. But... If the book is successful you get that share of every book that sells and that could mean a lot of money. You get royalties from all over the world as well so it is not even just your local Amazon. With all of us promoting the book it should start out with massive exposure and so that may not be out of the realms of possibility.

At the end of each month I will send you copies of the Amazon sales breakdown and a calculation about how much money you will get for that month. Keeping in mind that Amazon do not pay the publisher for the first 60 days from the end of the first month, once that first month is passed you will have your share of the royalties paid into your Paypal account so it is crucial for you to have a Paypal account if you enter!

All of these transactions will be sent to you both electronically and by post so that there is a paper trail to protect all sides of the equation. 

SO... just imagine if 3500 people buy it in the first month, what with all the promoting we have been doing about it. That means that in the first month we will each receive $/£1220. As the excitement spreads, in the next month it could be 35,000 people and the month after 350,00 people. I am sure you see the trend here! If everyone promotes and advertises the book so that it is well known, this prize could potentially make some people very happy! 

And all you have to do is by the first book in the series The Sensual Revolution, read it, answer two very simple questions based on the book and give me some contact details. The book is currently available on all your regular Amazon sites. It sells in the UK for 1.02 (Gbp), in Europe it is for 1.02 Euros, in the USA is it for 1.57 dollars with the same equivalents in the other countries. So for that tiny expense that you will hardly miss it is possible that you could set yourself up for life. I am making no promises here, I will do everything I can to sell it but I am only one person and you cannot force people to read your books no matter how good they are. As it is about the same price as a lottery ticket, what do you have to lose?

Come and join The Sensual Revolution. Its coming... are you?

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Sensual Revolution is here!

Shall we dance? The front cover of The Sensual Revolution.
Right, I have finally published the first part of The Sensual Revolution and I have to tell you it is a very scary feeling. I know so much about Rose, Lisa, Josh and Fran that they have become like real people to both myself and my editor in chief - Jess. It is very scary to think that now they are at the mercy of the Amazon censorship people, the guidelines for publishing this kind of book are very vague. Pornography is forbidden and yet erotica is allowed, what is the difference between the two and who draws the line? I see my books as being erotica for sure and by definition to me this makes is slightly pornographic although there are no pictures or titles that indicate that.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Book Launch Event!

Hi everyone, you are reading the post of a very excited author here today.

The first book in the series The Sexual Revolution is to be published to kindle on the 22nd of June 2013, with Rose following by the end of August!

The event is on my Facebook page so do pop along and sign up, it's open to everybody!

The other bit of really good news is that this first book is going to be absolutely FREE!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Of writing and chatting.

I have decided to do a prequel to my books before the first one is released. I know, not how it really is done, but it makes sense when you look at it through my eyes. So the first book in the whole series is going to be called The Sensual Revolution. It will contain a selection of hot and steamy stories about a number of the character that will have entire books of their own. It is meant to be the introduction to the whole series the concept and the writer. A taster if you like, that I will be releasing free of charge as soon as possible. I have been reading back through what I have done so far and re-read this appalling Author's Note.  I have no idea whatsoever what was i my mind when I wrote this, but I thought I would share it with you just for kicks! Enjoy, 

Kayler xxx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Well hello there everyone and welcome to the blog that accompanies the Sensual Revolution series of books. It is quite likely that you got to this site either through one of my books or my Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages and it sure is nice to meet you here on the blog that pulls everything together!

So I am here to tell you a little about the Sensual Revolution and how Google's terms and conditions affect the things I can post on here.

As I am sure you know, The Sensual Revolution is a series of erotic fiction books which you can find more information about on the Sensual Revolution page. I am mostly writing this initial post to explain about how this blog will work.